Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Abstract Mathemusical Playgrounds

NOTE:  This blog is a continuation of my previous blog impulsive pillow pilates.

As it happens, today January 26 (01/26) is another day of the type to which I have previously referred to as "uncommon", in the sense that the digits representing the month (01) combined with the day (26) are a permutation of the digits of the year (2016).  This year we will have five other such "uncommon" days:  02/16, 06/12, 06/21, 10/26, and 12/06.

What do I mean by the phrase "Abstract Mathemusical Playground" ?

Here is the current definition:

A peaceful zone in spacetime in which close encounters of the mth kind* happen.

AMPs are intended to be places where physical, intellectual, and spiritual transformative adventures take place, which spark imaginations and fuel creative thinking.

*myriad mixes of {music, motion, math, media}