Saturday, July 15, 2017

Riff Raft + A Pod Calypso in the Caribbean Trapezoid: Close Encounters of the mth Kind*

*Whenever Riff Raft gives off sufficiently “positive vibes” (e.g. by drumming and dancing), curiosity draws A Pod Calypso** in closer to study what’s going on.  If the groove is particularly strong, this rather singular school of marine mammals responds by issuing assorted vocalizations, “buzzing the boat” (emitting narrowly focused click trains, of the type typically used for echolocation), slapping their tails, blowing bubbles, combined with polyrhythmic gyrations and syncopated jumping.  AIMSPP*** interprets these elaborate exhibitions as myriad mixed messages of music, motion & math.

**A Pod Calypso:

***AIMSPP:  Artificially Intelligent Multi-sensory Signal and Pattern Perceiver

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Abstract Mathemusical Playgrounds

NOTE:  This blog is a continuation of my previous blog impulsive pillow pilates.

As it happens, today January 26 (01/26) is another day of the type to which I have previously referred to as "uncommon", in the sense that the digits representing the month (01) combined with the day (26) are a permutation of the digits of the year (2016).  This year we will have five other such "uncommon" days:  02/16, 06/12, 06/21, 10/26, and 12/06.

What do I mean by the phrase "Abstract Mathemusical Playground" ?

Here is the current definition:

A peaceful zone in spacetime where physical, intellectual, and spiritual transformative adventures take place, which spark imaginations and fuel creative thinking.